Weninger Construction is a highly experienced design builder specializing in taking you through the entire process of your project.  Our attentive office support team, can work together with you to create your idea and make it a reality.  Our wide range of services and skills allow us to help you meld your vision with your budget, so you can make informed design decisions building an intelligent space that reflects your ideas and meets your needs.

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3D Design / Drafting

We pride ourselves on creating well planned designs and intelligent spaces, which will utilize your land and space to their best potential and build your net worth by having a great asset. We can manage challenging terrain and design your building accordingly.

With extensive design experience, Weninger Construction can work with you to create the perfect floor plan, home, or corporate design you desire.  With many unique projects under our belts, we can draft your professional plans for everything.  We can suggest amazing features within your budget to make your home or business standout.

Our services start with a unique 3D Design & Drawing Service, which allows clients to participate in the creative process of planning a project.  This can also be done over the internet for our out of town clients.  By offering a series of consultation meetings, the team at Weninger Construction can ensure that what we draw is what you've envisioned. Plus, with our cutting edge drafting program, clients can experience “walking through” their completed project before a foundation is poured or a nail is driven.  We can place furniture, pick colours, and finishing products so you can visualize your space.

See our Projects for more of our work, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • 3D Renderings
  • Interior/Exterior Design
  • Floor Plans
  • Permit Ready Plans
  • Construction Ready Plans

Weninger Construction has built many homes in Kelowna and will help you design a space that will fit in your budget and be outstanding.



Weninger Construction & Design builds quality structures and stand behind our work.  We have over 25 years of industry experience and have great long term relationships with our suppliers and sub- contracting professionals.  We offer a hands on approach throughout the foundation, framing, carpentry, finishing and painting phases, allowing us to provide custom, expertly detailed work.  We can manage every detail from planning to finishing, and our skilled staff provide an exceptional build.  Weninger Construction is built on honesty and integrity, something we translate to working with clients to ensure they are happy with their final product.  Our service and warranty work is a valuable addition to the build process.

With a commitment to quality products and supplies, our builds are made to last.   Whenever possible we work with local and natural products that help reduce manufacturing waste and preserve our environment.  Our company is also focused on ensuring we are up to date with industry standards and developments, and know the latest innovations in our industry.   We can incorporate a variety of energy efficient options.  Your build will be completed efficiently, meeting or exceeding all industry standards.

While we specialize in high-end custom homes and difficult terrain, Weninger Construction has a broad range of experience and do designs and/or builds for any of the following:

  • Commercial/Residential Mix
  • 4 Story stick frame with suspended slab
  • Commercial Clubhouses & Lodges
  • Creating Custom Business Spaces
  • Bigger Renovations
  • Multi-Unit Housing

We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship, and stand behind our work.


Project Management

We have years of experience managing projects and working with governing bodies, industry professionals, service providers, sub-contractors and sub-trades.  Weninger Construction has great local contacts in the industry and the knowledge and ability to manage any project large or small start to finish.

Working from predesigned plans or in house custom plans, we can ensure your project is managed correctly and efficiently.  With solid long standing relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers, we can help keep your project on track, and obtain good service and pricing for you.  With many years of building at Big White we are comfortable working with seasonal timelines, steep terrain, and building chalets and lodges that have to stand up to the test of more extreme conditions.

We can coordinate all the labour and professionals needed throughout the development, design, approval, application and build processes. 
Have a project you need managed? Contact Us today.


Development Consultation

Looking at creating a new development or subdividing a lot?  We can help!  Navigating paperwork, working with City Council, zoning, understanding bylaws, creating a concept, road design, investigating services of property, designs, applications, and more.
Our experience in Developments includes projects like:

  • Bell Mountain Golf
    • Golf course community with 600+ Homes
  • Feathertop at Big White
    • 55 lot ski-in, ski-out community
  • The Quartet Kelowna Fourplex
    • New development 4 unit townhomes
  • Kenneth Park
    • Environmentally Friendly 4 story commercial/residential mix building
  • Stonehaven
    • Preliminary approval and plans for assisted senior’s living

Weninger Construction can help you through the Development Permit Process and provide as much support as you need.  Even if you’re new to the development game, we can give you the leg up you need to be successful.



Major Renovations

Have a home or business that needs a major renovation?  Weninger Construction can help you update your home, revise the layout, and create a space you love.

With an understanding of functional spaces and small spaces, we can transform your home into your dream.



Renovation Consultation

Weninger Construction can help you design your renovation.  We can meet with you onsite to go over your needs and help you decide where the best place to focus your renovation is.  Whether your goal is to simply update, completely redo, or add on, we can create a full renovation plan for you.

One of the most difficult parts of a renovation is deciding where and how to spend your budget.  We can work with you to determine a realistic goal for your budget and design a scope of project based on it.



Interior Design

We have an experienced staff who can create the interior space you’ve always wanted.  From custom finishing and cabinetry, lighting, to furniture layouts, to colours, Weninger Construction will help you create a space that is perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.  With a focus on functional spaces that are truly unique, we can tailor everything to fit your needs.  From furniture to window dressings we have done it all.  We can transform an empty space into a useable and comfortable place.

We are confident when developing creative solutions for small spaces.  As our Projects show, we can build to suit any space-planning design.
Weninger Construction can also provide a full interior package complete with cookware, linens, and cleaning supplies which is perfect if you live out of town and want a truly turn key space or a rental ready property.


Specialty Projects

Have a vision?  We can help!  Everything from walk-in cigar humidors to in-home theatres, or bunk beds with a fireman’s pole, we can create the custom project you’ve always wanted.  Check out our Specialty Project page to see some of the amazing things we’ve created.



Weninger Construction can answer questions like:

  • Is this project feasible?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Should I renovate?
  • Where should I locate my building on the property?

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