Special Projects

Custom Wood Work

Weninger Construction can build your custom wood work project to perfectly compliment your space. From wormwood doors, benches, doors, and more, unique pieces are our forte.

Accessible Pool

Ensuring that your entire home is accessible to everyone is important. Weninger Construction worked with this home owner to create a pool with an entry ramp that is perfect to allow access by everyone.
Services: Design, Consulting, Project Management


If entertaining is important to you, chances are you want to include a bar in your home design. Here are a few we have worked on.
Services: Design, Construction

Built In Fish Tank

When a home owner has a passion, we can beautifully incorporate it into the design of the home. This fish tank is view-through and creates a water wall with the room behind. This 250 Gal salt water tank was incorporated into the cabinetry design, which Weninger Construction used to create a waterproof hidden compartment for water tap, pump, and filtration system. Beautifully finished and fully functional.
Services: Interior Design, Construction

Cigar Humidors

From desktop to walk-in, using Spanish cedar Weninger Construction can craft a perfect storage unit for your collection.
Services: Design, Construction

Commercial Kitchens

Bistro at 6 degrees, Roses Pub, Shannon Lake Golf.
Services: Design/Layout, Construction, Project Management

Custom Bunk Beds

Steps with Drawers, timber frames, perfectly sized to your space, or even a firemanís pole, there are many reasons to request built-in bunk beds for your home. Weninger Construction specializes in space design and can create a beautiful and functional piece for you.
Services: Design, Construction

Entry Ways and Boot Rooms

Itís the first part of your home that guests will see and it needs to be one of the most functional spaces. Weninger Construction has created some truly amazing entries. For Big White, custom built ski racks, benches, and boot dryers have become our specialty. In town, custom benches, incredible ceilings, and high end masonry are some of the areas we are known for.
Services: Design, Interior Design, Construction, Masonry


A customizable feature for any room of the house. Fireplaces add warmth, textures, and amazing value to any home. From full rock, to modern electric, we have incorporated them all. Indoor and outdoor, fireplaces are one of the things we do best. We can design one perfect for your space.
Services: Design, Interior Design, Construction, Masonry

Games Rooms

One way to truly customize your home is to create a games room. Whether itís for a pool table, poker table, or anything else, Weninger Construction can build it for you. Check out these great spaces.
Services: Design, Construction

Home Theatre

Having an in home theatre can be a great way to relax as a family. We can design and build it for the space you have available and make sure that your viewing and soundproofing requirements are met.
Services: Design, Construction, Interior Design

Wine Storage

From Wine Racks to Wine Rooms, for those who love wine, beautiful and functional storage is important to building a home that meets lifestyle needs. We have designed some beautiful options that offer ideal storage.
Services: Design, Construction, Interior Design